Energy, enthusiasm and liveliness! Our line of vegan ginger flakes are made with concentrated juice of natural fruit, with no artificial preservatives, flavorings or dyes! Being vegan, it does not contain animal jelly. Ginger is known for its beneficial health and wellness properties. In the rich volcanic lands of Indonesia, the best ginger in the world is grown and used in the production of our delicious ginger caramelized candy.

100% vegan made with fruit pectin Fit & Fruity vegan flasks come straight from Germany and are made with 100% natural, sugar free ingredients and free from artificial flavors and aromas. Sweetened with Stevia or 100% natural beet sugar the bullet contains a low glycemic index making the food much healthier.

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Benlian Foods products are made exclusively of natural ingredients, do not contain gluten and are the result of our desire to make healthy and natural foods a part of everyone's life.

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With 100% DV of vitamin C, bullets promote the best flavor that fruits offer. The flavors are combined into 6 chewing strips available in the strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon and lime fruit flavors. A tasty and very practical way to consume a soft balloon. Ideal for children.

The best source of Protein and Vitamin C The Powerbärs Protein Jelly comes directly from Germany to the best stores in Brazil. In addition to 10g of protein, the jelly beans also offer 100% of the Vitamin C VD. Vitamin C works together with the protein for a better absorption of the nutrients.

Biscoitos orgânicos & misturas

Gluten-free rice and corn biscuits, totally healthy, free of preservatives, transgenics and artificial flavors.

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Rivo Mints is of Swiss origin, exceptional in freshness, taste and design. Developed and manufactured to the highest Swiss quality standards, the Rivo Mints insert offers an extraordinary experience for people who love to taste a healthy and quality wafer.

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Vegetable drinks made with vegetable sources like Rice, Oats, Quinoa and Almonds. Rich in vitamins D2 and B12.

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